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Household items to use as female masturbation tips:


Clean it and use a condom!

Whatever everyday item you choose must be sanitized first with soap and hot water, anti-bacterial soap. Depending on the item, covering it with a condom before putting it in your body it not a bad idea either. Otherwise they could potentially cause irritation, infection or abrasions.

Use common sense!

Beware using wood and glass objects or items made of materials that have sharp or pointy parts, or elements that can fall off inside of you. Stick to plastics, cloth, or non-abrasive metals.

Protect your parts!

If you are simply laying your lady-bits against something, even after cleansing the area, keep a layer between you and it, such as underwear, sweatpants, a t-shirt or towel. This will protect yourself, enhance the rubbing sensation, and even help to soak up any secretions you may omit.




Now that you’ve been forewarned – Let’s learn 10 Female Masturbation Tips!


1. Washing Machine

Catch it on the spin cycle, cop a squat on top, and ride it out. If you’re standing, you can straddle your labia around the edge where the sides meet, or bending over, part them, and push back onto the point.

2. Hard, smooth exteriors

Items such as bedposts, railings, remote controls, table leg, chair arm.

3. Soft Edges

Hump the corner of your bed, couch, chaise lounge, settee, ottoman or any upholstered furniture. Press your flesh into a pillow, or throw a stuffed animal between your legs and squeeze.

4. The backside of a spoon

Grab a tablespoon from your drawer, rest the round underneath part against your clit and labia, and rub one out. Anything with a polished surface that’ll glide across your skin like butter. (I suggest keeping THAT spoon specifically for masturbating purposes ONLY.)

5. Things That Vibrate

Cellphone, old electric toothbrush, electric razor (remove the blade!), exfoliating machine, back massage.

6. Vegetables.

Anything resembling a penis can be used for penetration purposes. Cucumber, carrot, banana, zucchini, summer squash, celery, radish, leeks and purple eggplants are all great choices. Remember to wash them first and avoid implanting hot peppers! (If you desire to keep the vegetable for eating purposes after your done please wash thoroughly and/or remove the skin.)

7. Natural organic oils

Olive oil, canola oil, vegetable oil, coconut oil all work well.

8. Smooth plastic handles

Such as a hair brush.

9. Candlestick

Without the plastic covering.

10. Plastic water bottle

Have fun, get creative! – but remember to use common sense when sticking anything in or around your genitals as this is an extremely sensitive part of the body.

(call girl, call girls)

Have fun! but remember safety first when it comes to household items during masturbation!

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