Have you ever questioned how your life would be without electricity? We humans have become so dependent on electricity that even a single day without it will make us feel like cave people who don’t know how to spend our time. Since most of us have desk jobs where we use computers to do our job, we NEED electricity in our lives to carry out essential functions like showering, cooking, etc. So, therefore, it would prove to be incredibly hard when the power goes out because of short circuits or anything else. It would be good if you had the contacts of 2-3 very good electricians, it would be best if they are experienced in the industry. If they are, they will be highly skilled and excellent tradesman with some neat tricks up their sleeves. The electrical system of your house is indeed one of the most essential elements of your home.

Electricians should check for overlamping

If the problem seems to be limited in just one light fixture, then start with the bulbs. The obvious question would be if the bulb burnt out. A less obvious problem would be if it is overlamping. This means that the bulb a higher wattage than it can possibly handle. This can happen if you install a 100-watt bulb in a lamp which is designed to handle just 50 watts. Overlamping could potentially melt the socket and also damage the wires which are in the fixture.


Most houses have an easy-to-check circuit breaker

Just open the door which is on the circuit breaker panel and also flip the switch to the “on” position. Older houses may still use a fuse box so you should look for a fuse that is discolored or even foggy/cloudy. It may also be melted in some parts. Check for these visible signs. If you have blown a fuse or a circuit, then look for a pattern. This can happen if you are losing power in certain areas of the house. If your house is completely dark and if you think something is wrong with your fuse or circuit, then check outside if the lights are one, glance at your neighbor’s lights as well, to see if they have an outage too. If they don’t, then it means that your house is facing an issue. This would be the perfect time to call an electrician.

These are some signs that you have an electrical problem, keep an eye out for these signs

  • If the lights suddenly dim or flicker- If the wiring is more than 20 years old
  • The outlet has some sparks
  • If you have some unidentifiable burning smells
  • If the switches are suddenly discolored or even the same thing happens to the outlets
  • If you frequently need to reset a breaker